We stand with woman who dares to flaunt her carelessness and the fact that she knows herself like the back of her hand and barely listens to the society and its endless prejudice. She is refined and mature woman; full of life yet still and composed.

Nikicio Black Label Spring/Summer 2018 is meant to embrace and compliment characters of each woman and let the woman wear our pieces; not the other way around. The collection has a lot of symbols to represent qualities of woman; from her unfinished journey, femininity, to versatility with her solid austerity; the things that matters to us most; as a woman that is personally lived by Nina Nikicio who was transforming from a single lady who lived by the edge to a mother of two. The idea of being domesticated never sounds this relieving.

The clothes are created for woman who is comfortable in her own skin as she accepts herself through years of experience because as she ages, the more layers of personality that she sheds.

Mostly created with transparent and organza fabrics that represent the sheer layer of personality that has been shed through the years, the collection is highlighted by environmental-improving fabrics such as Tencel that is regenerated from wood cellulose, but unlike rayon that cause air pollution and water emission to produce, Tencel is produced from a closed-loop process that are recycled with a recovery rate of 99.5%. Beside its qualities to create better environment, Tencel fabric is known to be comfortable to wear because its unique moisture absorption ability, which in turns makes it breathable, softer and less prone to wrinkles.

We create well-thought and adjustable designs with plenty unexpected styling and twisted finishing because we never want to out-do you in our clothing ­– in any clothing because at the end of the day we would like to create a wardrobe that will work or us now, later and beyond. It’s one part of process to write stories together that worth reminiscing even when we are all turning 50.